September 12–October 12
Come Blow Your Horn
Neil Simon

January 10–February 1
Bang the Drum Slowly
Mark Harris

March 21–April 12
Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's
Hung You in the Closet
and I'm Feelin' So Sad

Arthur Kopit

May 30–June 28
Judgment at Nuremberg
Abby Mann

July 18–August 16
An Evening with Danny Kaye

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2013-2014 Season

Join Us for TACT's Exciting 2013-2014 Season!

Come Blow Your Horn by Neil Simon(1961)
TACT's first-ever Neil Simon show is his first Broadway hit, Come Blow Your Horn, more famous today for its movie adaptation starring Frank Sinatra, but a show that was a sharp notice of things to come--there is even a next-door neighbor named Felix Ungar! A funny and warm Jewish family comedy with the trademark Simon gags and the dramatic sensibilities he returned to later in his career with his Brighton Beach Trilogy.
Directed by Rip Claassen.
September 12–October 12, 2013

Bang the Drum Slowly by Mark Harris (1992)
Fans of baseball fiction know that Mark Harris's “Blue Sox” series is the best of the breed, with Bang the Drum Slowly the high point of that complex and realistic saga of star lefty pitcher Henry Wiggin. The moving and often funny story of how the terminal illness of one of Wiggin's teammates affects a major league baseball team was first adapted into a live TV drama starring a very young Paul Newman in 1956; the film version was Robert DeNiro's first major movie role. TACT will present Harris' stage adaptation of the book just in time for the start of spring training.
Directed by Ellen Dempsey.
January 10–February 1, 2014

Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You In The Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad by Arthur Kopit (1962)
Facetiously described by the playwright as “A Pseudoclassical Tragifarce in a Bastard French Tradition,” this antic, absurdist black comedy about the most dysfunctional family imaginable was an Off-Broadway sensation, a movie, and one of the great charade titles ever. It also launched the career of one of America's most daring and versatile playwrights, and is just as lively and funny, if not as shocking, as it was fifty years ago.
Directed by Tyler Herman.
March 21–April 12, 2014

Judgment at Nuremburg by Abby Mann (2002)
It didn't reach Broadway until just a decade ago, but Mann's searing script had already been presented as an acclaimed live TV drama in the 50's and a star-studded Hollywood blockbuster in the 60's. Mann created a stage version of the courtroom drama for a limited, and much praised, Broadway run. The play is based on the true story of the war crime trials that followed WWII, and like the like the post-Civil War Andersonville trial, their sole legal precedent (subject of the Saul Levitt drama that nabbed TACT its first Helen Hayes nomination for Outstanding Production of a Play), the play raises important moral issues that remain relevant and controversial today.
Directed by Joe Banno.
May 30–June 28, 2014

An Evening with Danny Kaye
TACT welcomes Helen Hayes Award-winner Brian Childers back to the stage for An Evening with Danny Kaye. This production, to be performed as part of the Robert M. McElwaine "Reflections" series, pays tribute to one of Broadway and Hollywood's greatest showmen: Danny Kaye.
Directed by Stephen Nachamie; Musical direction by Jeff Biering.
July 18–August 16, 2014

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