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The Seven Year Itch
George Axelrod

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Crime and Punishment in America
Cops by Terry Curtis Fox and
Hello Out There by William Saroyan

March 19-22
American Century's
Broadway Hit Parade

compiled by Jack Marshall,
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July 17–August 8
Twelve Angry Men
Reginald Rose

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Voodoo Macbeth

… a stunning and audacious production …

… a testosterone-driven and not-so-complimentary view of the murder that men do and the continual cycle of revenge and barbarism men engage in.

Kudos to The American Century Theater and Kathleen Akerley for offering theatergoers in this area such an uncompromising and bold theatrical adaptation. This is a Voodoo Macbeth with the courage of its convictions.
- D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

Only a profound imagination could have dreamed up this blood-drenched, anti-exotic Voodoo Macbeth.
- The Examiner

It works so well it begs to be freed from the constraints of a small theater, even as it benefits from the intimacy of close quarters. With a bigger budget, more time for development, and the further encouragement of performances full of promise (and the keeping of those already in full bloom), this production is a real contender for its power and originality.
- Metro Weekly

an eclectic mix of pistol fire and medieval-style combat, post-Catholic, Wiccan-like ritual stirred in with a gallon or three of stage blood…topped with a garnish of Latin Chant and snatches of the King James Bible, all to go with the main course of Shakespearean verse.

Joe Carlson’s performance as Macbeth [is] visceral and compelling.

[W]hat we have here is an homage to Welles' rebellious artistic spirit, not a re-staging of his script. And in Akerley, Welles has certainly met his match.
- Maryland Theatre Guide

Akerley has proven herself more than once among the area's smartest creative thinkers, and a talented cadre of actors (all men) populate the blackbox stage at the Gunston Arts Center.
- D.C. Theatre Scene

Jack Marshall's Artistic Director's Notes in the program book are a must-read. [A]llow a few extra minutes prior to the show to gain a better understanding of Akerley’s complex vision.
- Arlington Connection (see page 7)

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