September 20–October 11
The Seven Year Itch
George Axelrod

January 9–31
Crime and Punishment in America
Cops by Terry Curtis Fox and
Hello Out There by William Saroyan

March 19-22
American Century's
Broadway Hit Parade

compiled by Jack Marshall,
Tom Fuller, and Jacqueline Manger

July 17–August 8
Twelve Angry Men
Reginald Rose

Dedicated to mining the treasures of
20th century performing arts


Stage Door

Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman's valentine to the Golden Age of American Theatre,
and evisceration of the rising craft of film acting.


... it's great to see a lot of players on stage instead of the usual claustrophobic few
dictated by today's economically pinched theatrical environment.
TACT's Stage Door will be primarily of interest to serious theater buffs
who will welcome the chance to see a rarely produced 1930s classic comedy
providing a broadly insightful, satirical look into that legendary decade.

- D.C. Theatre Scene

... the solid Jane E. Petkofsky as the landlady and a smooth Emily Love Morrison as the mother of one of the would-be starlets.
... Jennifer Speerstra establishes a sex-bomb persona, Allison Leigh Corke displays
enough individuality to make her character's eventual stardom believable.
Kate Volpe has the central role.she is particularly good at making
some of the throw-away lines in her role sound natural.
Steve Lebens is particularly good as the father of the
most important of the women residing in the boarding house.

- The Arlington Connection